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2017-09-13 AGM – Annual General Meeting minutes

PDF downloaded copy here: 13.09.17 AGM maiden lane minutes

Maiden Lane Tenants and Residents Association


Wednesday, 13 September 2017 at 7pm

Allensbury Residents Room, Allensbury Place, Maiden Lane Estate

Enquiries to:             Deirdre McEvoy, Secretary


Committee members (present):

Farrah, Chair

Deirdre, Secretary

Dylan, Treasurer








Narcissa (Nerie)

Council  observers:

Phoebe Watkins, Housing officer

Also present:

Andy Foster, Estate parking and access manager




  1. TRA achievements over the past year and minutes of previous AGM:
  • Explanation that we have all been sharing chairing responsibilities even thou on paper it is a single named person and that this will be continuing.
  • Halloween party
  • November 5th Party
  • Christmas dinner for senior neighbours
  • Senior coffee mornings twice a month:

~ Thanks to Tonia, Tracey, Joanna and Pauline

~ Activities including Zumba, line dancing

~ Trips organised in conjunction with MLCC

  • Kitchen refurbishment Allensbury Place

~ with Sisk’s help

  • Relining of pond in Allensbury Place gardens

~ with Mullaley’s help

  • Volunteer day at Allensbury Place gardens organised with Murphy builders
  • CIP Snagging walkabouts
  • Windows petition (Phase 2)
  • CIP resident participation feedback
  • DMC quarterly meetings
  • Thanks to all present members of TRA
  • Thanks to Dylan & Jean for gardening at Allensbury Place
  • Minutes approved
  1. Additional updates:
  2. Heating system:

Deirdre: Derek Wells has provided an update to TRA.

  1. Sisk:

–     Deirdre: They are running late. An update has been provided by Steve Downes, expected             new date end of September. This might run over.

–     Deirdre: Have made an offer for a TRA event and donation to charity of choice.

–     Dylan: Sisk paid for the room hire of Allensbury Residents Room and towards the            fireworks.

–     Dylan: Sisk have replanted trees in Allensbury Place gardens with semi mature trees.

  1. Treasurers report:

Presented by Dylan

Jean: Could the TRA look at applying to the DMC for funding to install air con at Allensbury      Place.

Treasurer’s report approved

  1. Voting of new members:

Chair passed over to Phoebe Watkins as independent observer

Secretary: Deirdre nominated by Farrah, 2nd by Huey, nomination approved

Treasurer: Dylan nominated by Nerie, 2nd by Mubo, nomination approved

Room Manager: Joanna nominated by Deirdre, 2nd by Pauline, nomination approved

Committee members:

  • Tonia nominated by Deirdre, 2nd by Tracey, nomination approved
  • Pauline nominated by Deirdre, 2nd by Christine, nomination approved
  • Farrah co-opted and nominated by Deirdre, 2nd by Carol, nomination and co-op approved
  • Tracey nominated by Deirdre, 2nd by Tonia, nomination approved
  • Narcissa (Nerie) nominated by Deirdre, 2nd by Tonia, nomination approved
  • Jean nominated by Pauline, 2nd by Deirdre, nomination approved
  • Aron nominated by Tonia, 2nd by Joanna, nomination approved

Chair: Tracey nominated by Tonia, 2nd by Dylan, nomination approved

  1. Parking and road safety:

Introduction by Deirdre:        There are no road signs for the shared surfaces, no speed bumps on                                                 Broadfield Lane or road safety in place. Andy Foster has been                                                        invited to meeting to provide       an update.


  1. Latest walkabout took place with TRA committee members on 13th September 2017
  2. Residents will be consulted on recommendations, no decisions have been made. None will be made without consultation of residents.
  3. Suggestions include: One way system, which way this operates hasn’t been decided. Mirrors on blind corners. More signage on shared surfaces. 10 mile speed consideration to be reduced to 5 miles speed. Gerda gates on Broadfield, Maiden Lane and St. Paul’s Crescent. Question: Do you have to pay for the keys? The first key is free, there is a £25 charge for new keys. Double yellow lines to distinguish the pavement part of the new shared surfaces. On the walkabout driving on the pavement of the shared surfaces was witnessed. Speed bumps on the shared surfaces. 6 bollards outside Allensbury Place (Block J).
  4. Jean comment: Ambulances visit the estate twice a day and it can take a long time to get around. TRA has requested that Andy has emergency service markings done Allensbury at Place. Andy comment: Ambulance space marking is possible on private land which Maiden Lane is. However, the problem is enforcing it. Parking charge notices will be given but the vehicle cannot just simply be removed.
  5. Hugh comment: Can something be done about the blind corners coming off York Way. And notices to ask people to lower their loud music upon entering the estate and/or when leaving the estate out of neighbourhood courtesy.
  6. Aron comment: Parking with the Egg club is a problem. The doorman has been witnessed allowing people to park on the Estate.

Deirdre comment: Had to speak to Spencer on the 8th of September too regarding this.

Jean comment: Has also made a recent report against the club.

Pauline additional comment: There is a problem with cars also parking on the estate to attend the nearby mosque.

  1. Andy: Gerda gates might create an issue with deliveries.
  2. Aron comment: Can yellow boxes be introduced on corners? Andy reply: We can do but there is also a concern that they do not want to introduce many new lines now that the estate looks nice. Patrick comment: We prefer it to be functional than look nice.
  3. Jeanette comment: Can we use the visitor parking permits that are dated till 2016? As NSL have said we cannot Andy reply: Yes, you can. They should not be saying that. He will send out an email reminder to NSL.
  4. Andy: Visitor parking permits will go in-house to Camden to be controlled. This is why they are also looking at introducing bays.
  5. Deirdre: We know that 100 parking permits have been issued but we do not know how many spaces are available. Could we try with gates first before and see how it goes? Patrick comment: But that won’t work as those people who currently park without permits (outside of the parking enforced hours) will not be able to get keys to access the gates. Additional comment Andy: He has been told only 3 people are looking for first permits so this is an issue that needs to be resolved (How many parking spaces actually are available and how many people are looking for first permits).
  6. Resident: Are all the garage spaces taken up? Andy: No. Additional comment Deirdre and Dylan: That is because most are flooded and only small cars fit in them; like electric ones. The garages were not built with the dimensions of modern cars in mind.
  7. Ruba: Bays would be good as space left between cars would not be ridiculous; waste of space.
  9. Jeanette: Paid for a garage for years. But cannot get their car out of it since the development work as the builders have been blocking the entrance to their garage on the inside. They have also had to scratch their own car in order to exit the garage. We pay for our car to be safe. Cars are parked illegally in the garages. Sex videos being filmed. There are no keys to the garages (under Linkwood walk). Andy: We are looking to place a gerga gate there. Tonia: There is already a gate there. Andy: Thinks it is the one that is being reinstated. Tonia: Saw people injecting in those garages. Resident: I work late and won’t park there, it is scary.
  10. Pauline: Will local lets coming back on the (existing) estate (for empty properties following the first round of local lets) be guaranteed a parking space? Andy: No, it is a borough wide issue, new policy. Not all of our car parks and roads can accommodate everyone. Additional comment: We can do a sign-up drive to get more 1st parkings made available.
  11. Resident: Those little grey concrete blocks are really dangerous; you can’t even see them when driving/parking. Andy: Steve Downes is aware and is speaking to Sisk.
  12. Resident: Will barriers be put up by the bus stop entrance from York Way to stop people walking off the street onto the new green at St. Thomas’ place? Deirdre: That is estate services not Andy Foster’s responsibility.
  13. Resident: What can be done about cars parking up and removing their number plates?
  14. Carole: What will be the cost of the new parking? Will you be consulting? How will the online system work for parking? Is it 24hs? What can you do about abandoned cars, I have two near me. Resident: Will you give out computers to email you? Andy: No, it isn’t 24hrs but you can email us. If a car is found abandoned we can chase them through the proper channels but it takes time. Report abandoned cars to us.
  15. Resident: Why are Sisk workers parking in disabled spaces? Andy: We were continually emailing Warren Lubin about this. But the situation has improved since Warren’s departure. We are so limited legally on what we can do. Highest tickets issued in the borough is on Maiden Lane; we have been issuing tickets.
  16. Hugh: Gate and drug use in his opinion comes under general health & security. This matter should be taken up with the Police as well. Andy: Suggests speaking to safer neighbourhoods as well. Dylan: CCTV could be installed in the garages as an idea? Additional comment Dylan: This would also stop the bikes taking up space in front of the garages.
  17. Christine: The gerda gates will be for residents who have cars. I do not have a car. How will I get my shopping back? Andy: Only the car drivers would get a key. Christine: Non car drivers would be penalised. Farrah: It doesn’t make sense if Camden are encouraging people to go greener that they would make life more difficult for people without cars. I bring back heavy shops sometimes in a taxi, accessibility on the Estate is already poor with the walkways, so how would we be expected to bring our shopping back to our front doors? Andy: This is why it goes to consultation.
  18. Vote by a show of hands: Who agrees on the current proposals for the gates? 18 for and 14 against.
  19. Ruba: I have friends who live in Chelsea who get keys too despite being non car drivers. Your proposals are discriminating against non road users. Andy: This system works in other places such as Rowley way, they have more parking than you. If we gave a key to everyone there might not be enough parking on the estate. Ruba: We have elderly residents and people without cars.
  20. Farrah: When will the road safety be drawn up? Andy: It should be soon.
  22. Local lets:
  23. a) Introduction: Deirdre: The first round of local lets has taken place.
  24. b) Hugh: I’ve been here 25years. Told I could exchange (from the studio). They changed the Said I couldn’t go for a 1 bed flat from a studio. That I didn’t qualify (despite     having more points under local lets). Resident: How do they know that you have extra         points under local lets? Deirdre: There is a special code to bump you up the list under   local lets. Deirdre: We need to take this up with them (re Hugh and other Broadfield lane             residents).
  25. c) Deirdre: Phoebe and Tara are showing people around the new flats. Veolia are also booked in more often for the transition period as we are expecting a lot of rubbish on the       estate as a result of the moves.
  26. d) Resident: When does local lets round 2 start? Deirdre: We do not know.
  27. e) Addition comments Valerie: When they changed the rules for housing a lot of people lost their points.
  28. f) Deirdre: Camden Living for those who are interested. There are details given on 50 intermediate rent on the Camden Council website. Farrah: Google “Camden Living Camden Council”
  29. Roofs and Skylights (Phase 2):
  30. a) Deirdre: There has been issues. We are asking residents to moan about it. Don’t not do anything if you are suffering from the workmanship. We are being told that they are not          fitting properly and we have seen this for ourselves. We’re not sure about the insulation,          if it is being done properly. Where is the excess water going? Our surveyor neighbour     (Dave Sharrat) has written an email on it. If you have had leaks shout your head off.
  31. b) Resident: What happens if you complain? And if you refuse to let them into your home? We complained to the contractor who said they won’t do anything to correct the work.     We then complained to the council. They’ve come to rectify it but did it wrongly again.     So now we are not letting them into our home. We do not trust them. They are trying to         rectify the problem from the outside.
  32. Windows petition:
  33. a) Deirdre: You are all great for having signed the petition. 2 people who did not sign the    petition said that they could not without knowing what they were getting.
  34. b) Resident: But why are we complaining now? It’s too late. Deirdre: We were told like for like and that the barn doors would open as well as the panels.
  35. c) Deirdre: Pat O’Neil is meeting us on the 20th of September at 9.30am. We are inviting the press and one councillors is coming too (Danny Beales). Residents please attend if you    We know the time is inconvenient but it is the only offer of time we could get.
  36. d) Deirdre: They are starting to compromise: They have offered us restrictors on Barn doors, we said we would take this to residents. They are asking how the pilot property is viewed.      Who knows about it? Exactly no one. Plus it is not a public pilot, it is private home.
  37. e) There are electrical boxes outside the homes of some where the panel windows do not open because of this. On other identical properties these panel windows do open. And          they have chosen the ones where the windows do not open as their pilot properties. These   houses don’t have openings (because of subsequent work that was done). They are now     offering one panel opening as a glazed window. We would go from 4 panels to 2.
  38. f) Resident: They said it would be like for like.
  39. g) Resident: Can we have a written description as I don’t have faith in them. They didn’t replace my kitchen properly.
  40. h) Deirdre: Show of hands happy or unhappy with compromise? Unhappy majority
  41. Lighting:
  42. a) Deirdre: They are arrange a lighting meeting. Ben would you like to come to this                                       meeting? Ben: Yes
  43. b) Send us your pictures of poor lighting, email them or facebook them.
  44. Dylan: Can we have a mention for Deirdre who has been working so hard on all our behalf. This is her fourth meeting of the day with the council.

~ Meeting Ends ~

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