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RSPCA helps us to rescue 17 stray cats from our Estate

With the help of Hayley Plows, Animal Welfare Operations Supervisor at the RSPCA we have rescued 17 strays off the Estate most of whom have been rehomed to feral farms to live out their lives as feral cats on country farms. Some residents were concerned that they would be put down but we are happy to report that this is not the case! Animal welfare has changed, stray cats get sent out to farms with lots of space to live as ferals, they get fed and get to hunt on the farms. And most importantly they receive the care they need. They are all neutered and microchipped. And some of them get to stay together. It really is a great outcome compared to the lives they would continued to face on the Estate; relying on kind but not constant donations of food from residents, living in the cold (we are especially thankful we got to rescue them before the snow!), unneutered, not vaccinated and living so close to the railway line.

The rescue missions took place over the month of November and December.

In November, 9 cats were rescued with the assistance of the Maiden Lane Community Centre from the Orchard area at the back of the centre where they had been living. Made up of 2 families of two teenage mums with one appearing to be pregnant again. An unneutered stray male was thankfully also captured. It took Hayley 3 visits to the Estate to capture them all. We are so thankful for her time!

1 of the cats rescued it turned out belonged to a resident; the cat was microchipped, neutered and happily reunited with his owners. As pictured below:

Reunited cat

The 2nd rescue mission happened by chance in December when it came to light that our senior neighbour 94 year old Fred had been kindly sheltering and feeding a family of 9 cats in his back garden. We got straight onto the phone to Hayley who arranged for two offices; Emily and Chelsea to rescue them the very next day. This took place in two parts. The 9 cats were made up of 7 kittens, 1 mom cat and 1 dad cat. In the morning Emily and Chelsea rescued 6 of the kittens and most importantly the ones who appeared poorly. Traps were set. Patience and newly qualified officer Chelsea returned to catch the remaining 3. The dad was especially trickly to catch; it took some string and a lot of hoping. Mom and dad will remain together, their love story will get to continue. We are so happy for them. Sadly the very poorly kitten had to be put to sleep. Three of the other kittens were also put immediately onto medication. We are thankful for Fred for looking after them and for allowing the rescue mission to take place.

Animal Welfare Operations Supervisor Hayley Plows is working with the Maiden Lane Tenants and Residents association to organise an Estate wide free neutering day as there is a problem with unneutered cats on the Estate and this problem will only continue if something is not done. We want to help and encourage residents who may have access issues to neuter their cats. We look forward to announcing this date soon. This will be done in collaboration with the Maiden Lane Community Centre as C0-Director Marion has offered us the centre to use as a reception area on the day.

MLTRA would like to express its sincere thanks to the whole team at the RSPCA especially Hayley.

The RSPCA receives no government funding, if you would like to support the amazing and life saving work that they do, please click here to express your thanks and support:

If you would like to get your cat neutered for free right now you can use this link:

Post edit: Chuffed to see the CNJ covering our little stray cat story, we hope the information helps to rescue strays cats on other estates and in other areas:

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