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Our sincere thanks to Janusz Kaczmarek, Community Liaison Manager at Sisk

We would like to give our sincere thanks to Janusz Kaczmarek as he moves on to the next project. Janusz has been our Community Liaison Manager throughout the second half of the regenerations works here on Maiden Lane. There was never a request too big for his shoulders from the tenants and residents association. We welcomed his corperation and understanding of the impact the extended works were having on our neighbours. We thank him for his professionalism in assisting us. And we wish him all the best on his next project at Sisk.

Janusz Kaczmarek pictured with Deirdre McEvoy, Secretary at MLTRA

We were never provided (by Camden) with our own independent liaison officers, this work was left to the volunteer residents on the committee to liaise with the contractors. Over this time we got to know them well and had to play catch up fast on areas that were new to us.  We hope that Camden learn from this and implement appropriate support for future CIP projects.

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