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Donation to Troy’s Mission

When we were asked by Sisk to nominate a charity, we chose Troy’s mission as we felt it was a way to make a real difference to a local family. We hope this contribution will help provide some of the ongoing treatment Troy needs for his condition.

12th December 2017: MLTRA pictured with Camden, Sisk and Troy with his mother

If anyone else wishes to get involved or donate to this deserving cause, you can find out all about it at: Troy’s Mission
MLTRA have worked closely with John Sisk Construction over the last four years. We would like to say how much we appreciate this latest donation and all the other contributions the company and their staff have made to help our community here on Maiden Lane.
We are spending some of the cash on festive hampers for our vulnerable and senior residents and will be thinking hard how best to use the rest of the donation.

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