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Petition to keep windows opening and barn doors handed in to Mike Cooke at Camden Council

The following petition was handed in on the 23rd of August 2017 at Camden Council Town Hall for the attention of Mike Cooke, Chief Executive:
Dear Council officers and Elected Representatives,
MLTRA have come this morning to council offices to present our petition to the Chief Executive, Mike Cooke.
We do not accept that the new window design for Maiden Lane that has no opening wooden panels or stable doors is “like for like” as promised by our council.
Residents have serious concerns about how new windows and doors affect ventilation and quality of life. We also wish to respect the architectural heritage of Maiden Lane.
MLTRA have consulted our residents and we have an overwhelming agreement with our wish to keep the design the way it is. 89.7 % of people in Phase 2, who opened their door to MLTRA want to keep the open panels and stable doors. They consider this the meaning of “like for like.
We provide a breakdown below;
70 homes in phase 2 have signed our petition
34 homes in phase 2 were no answer
2 freeholders in phase 2 signed in support but we have not included them in the final count or percentage.
89.7 %
We consider this indisputable evidence that the design proposed in phase 2 is not what residents want or asked for in consultation. We don’t want the new design in our homes and intend to fight to keep our existing windows.
While residents want and often need new windows, we want our windows to open.
We will be communicating with our residents and advising them to make no appointments with Mullaley’s until you respond.
An electronic copy of our petition will be mailed to all relevant officers and council representatives and the press.
Your’s sincerely,
Maiden Lane Tenants and Residents Association on behalf of Maiden Lane Phase 2.
A copy of this petition has also been electronically circulated to all Ward Councillors, Pat O’Neil, Pat Calaghan, Dermott Mullan, Graeme Beedham, Melissa Dillon, Colin Kenny, Tara Cookson, Phoebe Watkins and more officers.
We are looking forward to receiving their reply with utmost urgency.

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