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EMERGENCY HOUSING UPDATE – Housing Chalcot residents on Maiden Lane Estate

Dear neighbours,

We do not have all the information but we will tell you what we do know. Some of you may have heard by now that Camden Council are thinking/are in discussions of using the new XY development (our New Builds) on Maiden Lane Estate to house the displaced residents of the Chalcot Estate. Committee members were one step ahead in guessing that the new builds nearing completion on our estate might be considered for use temporarily. We asked and this was confirmed that discussions were being held between Camden Council and Sisk. We then took the step as committee members in an ever evolving scenario to vote on whether to lend our support to this possibility. We voted overwhelmingly in favour, with the concensus being especially for residents of the Chalcot Estate to enable them to continue with their lives as wider neighbours of the Borough with as little as disruption as possible by being able to stay in the Borough of Camden.

What follows is our limited update from Camden Council:

Steve Downes, Camden Council Senior Development Manager for the New Build will be writing to all residents about fire safety of XY (New Build development) and it will also be on the agenda for a forthcoming public meeting on the 18th of July as requested by us. Invitations to this meeting being organised by Camden Council have yet to go out. But we have already made requests for items such as these to be included on their agenda. We are also trying to organise a date for the TRA to hold a snagging walkabout of XY with Camden Council as we have some concerns.

Originally we heard that Camden were thinking of using the intermediate housing (Now called “Camden Living” previously meant to be “Shared Ownership”) which would not have an impact on Maiden Lane residents who have applied to be moved under the Local Lettings scheme. This would be a simple solution but that is only around 52 homes. We have been told it will be temporary. Chalcot evacuees are looking at 2-4 weeks but realistically it could be longer. The final safety decision will be up to London Fire Brigade. We do not know if they intend to house Grenfell people here yet. We do not know if they intend to use the Council flats intended for Maiden Lane residents.

All three local ward Councillors have thanked us and in emails they talk only about the Chalcot evacuees. But they did also make a mention of void (empty) flats, they makes no housing distinctions. We have of course asked for clarity from Tara Cookson who says they will let us know as soon as anything is decided. Whatever is decided we have asked that Camden communicate this directly to all residents of Maiden Lane Estate.

We would prefer our residents to be officially informed before its all over the news if they do intend to use the Local Lettings flats as this could very well mean more delays for people here. That, of course, would be an issue but we do think we have a duty to try and help the people worst affected by this.

As soon as there is more we will let you know. But we hope that Camden Council will let you know first!

Maiden Lane Tenants and Residents committee members

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