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Rubbish along York Way near Pub

As pictured you can see the issues we are still continuing to have with excess rubbish on York way.

We continue to send email after email to Camden. A bin is needed. There are hundreds of people on Maiden Lane and this is our only exit on the east side of the estate. We have to walk through a rubbish dump every single day; our school children walk through it every morning. It is not right.

The pub has just applied for (and got) approval to have outdoor seating on the Agar Grove side every day/night. They leave this area covered in cigarette butts, dirty glasses bottles and cans and broken glass and the York Way side is their personal tip. The cafés (on both sides of York Way) put rubbish here too. There must be something more Camden can do? Feel free to tell them so by contacting: Kevin Brown, Senior Area Monitoring Officer on telephone number 02079743943 or email:

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